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  • "Lisa is engaging, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Plus she has continued to be available to us as questions and concerns arise. "
    Jane and Bill Hebert
    Metairie, Louisiana
  • If you are ready to take action on your estate plan, I would highly recommend Lisa Finn. She handled mine, and she is very knowledgeable, extremely dependable, and thorough. She is always there when you need questions answered. I can't emphasize enough how helpful she was and is to me.
    Mrs. Ophelia M. McMahon Cadro
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • My husband and I first met Ms. Lisa Finn at a sponsored lunch to introduce guests to Estate Planning. We as university professors were impressed with her presentation, which was very clear, well paced, and informative, as well as with her ability to carefully and clearly answer questions from the audience. We decided that day to ask her to set up a Revocable Living Trust for us, which has turned out to be a very good decision. My husband passed before we could complete all of the Trust arrangements, but Ms. Finn had the basic framework in place and has helped me with all the rest of the legal procedures. She also helped me with probate and answered numerous other questions I had. Since I originally knew nothing about all the legalities, it would have been completely impossible for me to have this Trust without her help. She was always prompt in replying to emails or calls, always pleasant, very informative, gave excellent advice, and coached me at every meeting on the next steps to be done. She has become a good friend as well as my legal advisor. I hope our associations will continue well into the future.
    Dr. Juliette Ioup
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Getting up in age and concerned about how my property, life insurance and other personal items would be handled, I needed something to guarantee it would be handled according to my wishes. I had the occasion to meet Lisa Finn, Estate Planning Attorney. Lisa helped me understand the need to prepare and properly execute the documents to cover all of my concerns. I appreciate all of Lisa’s dedication and concerns to make sure all of my concerns were covered. If you need help in the field of Estate Planning, I recommend Lisa Finn.
    Adele “Sis” Pertuit
    Gretna, Louisiana
  • Lisa is very knowledgeable in all areas of wills and trusts. I have enjoyed working with her. She is very pleasant, she explains in full detail, and she is a very good listener.”
    Janis P. Landry
    Boutte, Louisiana

The Ripple Effect of Good

Recently, I had an appointment with my primary physician. I had been asked to keep a log at home on my blood pressure. Lisa Finn had given a small red notebook to me last year and I used it to record the information. I had placed it on the table, and as the doctor and I conferred about my health, all of a sudden, she said, “Lisa Finn, is she any good? I need someone for mother.” The doctor was looking at Lisa’s name and title on the front of the notebook. My quick and eager response to her query, “Is she any good?” was a firm “Yes.” My mind went back to when I first met this bright young lady, and I told the story to my physician.

It is a rare treasure to find the qualities of trustworthiness, compassion, and commitment to the high ideals of law, all in one person. Sometimes we actively search for such diamonds and sometimes we stumble upon them. However the meeting, our lives are made richer in myriad ways. Two years ago, when I met Lisa Finn at an information session, her warmth and sincerity engulfed me. I had gone to learn about Estate Planning. I learned some but did not grasp enough to make a decision. At the end of the session, I spoke to Lisa and asked if it was permissible for me to attend another presentation. With her easy smile, she assured me that I would be welcome.

About a month later I went again, and after listening to Lisa and learning more, I was convinced that estate planning met the needs for my age and personal situation. Lisa and I met and began work on my Revocable Living Trust. Because of Lisa’s guidance and skillful work, I am at peace with having “taken care of my business;” and my family will have ease after I am gone. My story could end here – mission accomplished – estate plans in order. But, we all know how the best laid plans can get twisted. Recently, I received an important letter and tried to work it out myself. A problem had arisen that dealt with the house. I could not untwist the knotted problem, and like a revelation of calm, the thought came, call Lisa.

Lisa Finn received my worried call, listened, and reassured me that she would take care of the problem. She is true to her word. We sat together, Lisa took charge of the papers she needed and off she went to do her “lawyerly” magic. She lives her integrity, and I am fortunate to be within the circle of her ripples of good.

Grateful Client,

Patricia A. Ward
June 30, 2017

Sincere Thanks

As a client of Attorney Lisa Finn, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for her excellent legal guidance in Estate Planning. Atty. Finn was both personable and professional in all stages of the process. Her warm, welcoming personality enabled me to relax while discussing end of life decisions that are often difficult. Ms. Finn made me feel she comprehended and cared about such difficulty. On a professional level, she proved knowledgeable of all aspects of estate planning, assuring me my end life decisions were in competent hands. Once finalized, I was relieved and content that I had the good fortune of such expertise in legal matters as well as compassionate counsel.

Many people are fearful of broaching the topic of death and discussing it. However, end of life is inevitable; therefore, it is best not to prolong estate planning despite the anxiety it may cause. Without hesitation, I recommend future clients to Atty. Finn. They will be impressed with her proficiency in legal affairs as well as her innate ability to put them at ease. Very much like me, they will leave her office confident of a trustworthy attorney-client relationship.

Yours truly,

Charlotte R. Banks
New Orleans